Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wreath block Two

The next step is to add corner triangles. On the blue block these were HST's with the short sides straight of grain. On the modern block the triangle fabric pattern was directional so these were cut as QST's with the straight grain on the long side so the pattern would lie consistently.I pressed in towards the centre piece, The fabric is reluctant but it makes the next stage easier.
Then diamonds are added to either side of the remaining four triangles, pressing out towards the diamonds but gently.
Sewing the diamond units

To ensure the pieces match up I place a pin vertically so that it passes through the 1/4" seam mark on both sections. Then I pin right by the side of this, the side furthest away from the machine needle. You can then add your final corner triangles or you can add them to the diamond sections before piecing these.
Pinning: the point of the right hand pins meet the seam line 1/4" from the edge.

Sewn and pressed outwards.

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