Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wreath Block One

Modern Wreath block

Blue block pieces laid out

The current Bonnie block is a wreath which follows on from the blue EPP piece in that the centre is an octagon not to be confused with  a hexagon. Although it has more sides than a hexagon it is easier to work with because with the addition of corner triangles it forms a square. It is drafted by drawing a circle, however, so if someone has prepared a template for you that's a bonus.
When I first joined Quay Quilters we were told to make ourselves a block board. I used a 14" cakeboard covered with wadding and then a flannel sheeting piece. It's been recovered since and is due for another refurbishment. It's invaluable for laying out pieces and carrying block parts from machine to ironing board. You can also audition your fabrics. When I laid out my blue wreath pieces I wasn't so sure about the final corner white triangles and may swap them for my focus fabric when I get home. In the meantime I've left them off.
The first round is added using partial piecing to start:
The pink pins are holding the fifth piece in place ready to sew while the white pin
indicates where the first piece seam stops to be completed as the
final step.

The first round

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