Thursday, 2 July 2015

Road Trip Day Two

Friends in Salem
Window display at Boersma's, McMinneville

Today has been brilliant. Although as the day wore on temperatures reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit we weren't exposed to the heat too much as we managed to park right by the three quilt shops we visited, the most brilliant so far: lovely quilt samples on walls and suspended from ceilings had us seeking out patterns and fabrics. I think I now have what I need for my Sarah Fielke class next week.
We did a lot of driving from Seaside to Washington State crossing the river at Portland but this enabled us to see thecountryside. Now we are in a quilt Quilt Retreat in quiet surroundindgs and enjoying delicious food.
Quilt Blocks on barn seen along the way

Pine Needle Quilt Shop, Lake Oswego; eye catching displays
as marketing tool for fabric, books and patterns.

Quilt Retreat

Retreat workshop outside

And inside


JoZart Quilts said...

I'm looking with pleasure and an element of envy. It all looks like the perfect trip to me. thanks for sharing...
Jo x

Julie Fukuda said...

Sounds close to heaven to me.