Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Full Day

Now we're all sitting around in a condo in seaside, Oregon, clutching our tablets but with half an eye on The Theory of Everything which we can follow because we've seen it before. We've been to four Quilt Shops getting better and better as we proceeded but best of all to the Latimer Quilt Museum, a very homely former country school where there were people occupied in knitting and weaving in various rooms and where Barb had arranged for us to have a bed turning.. We also walked along the ranks of boxed quilts and looked at the pictures on the fronts.

Do these lime green centres work?

Entranceway to the museum

Amazing indigo quilts on the walls

Interesting turn of the century top

Redwork detail

Half inch hexagons, a first (and probably last!) quilt


Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for sharing your visit. Lots of inspiration there!

Tracy Aplin said...

So lovely to what your seeing to Mary.. Thank you. Looks so lovely xx