Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day Six: in and around Sisters

Inside the Stitchin' Post

Outside the Stitchin' Post with raffle quilt on the left
We've had an enjoyable and relatively restful day today. First call the Stitchin' Post to  register and shop with a 10% discount. Satisfied expressions on the faces of my two companions. Then Eggs Bendict and wicked French Toast for breakfast and a Show and Tell of purchases.
Back to the car and off to Bend for Jo-Ann's. We were armed with a 20% discount and bought some favourite notions such as blue headed pins, extra cutting blades and Tulip needles. We also got some washaway adhesive tape which is good for zips.
BJ's Shop Hop Sew A Row

Our house: the right hand balcony is nine and the one on the left, Belinda's
with views of the Sisters mountains
Back in the car we tested the phone sat nav which said BJ's was five minutes walking distance away but we drove anyway and felt very silly as it was just across the street. I thought this was a lovely shop and I love the fabrics I got there. I think that this probably my last stop shopping wise. Back at the house it was time to relax but after a up of tea I set out to the PO diagonally opposite end of the town to here as I've hardly walked since arriving. I stopped off to take pictures of quilts made by Ugandan women on display in the Sisters Coffee Company.
Ugandan quilts at the Sisters Coffee Company


Beatrice said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like a wonderful trip and wonderful friends! Enjoy the show.

Julie Fukuda said...

What a fantastic trip. I hope your suitcase is big enough to get it all back home.

Julie Fukuda said...
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