Saturday, 4 July 2015

Arrived in Sisters

A quilt incorporating pictures of travels with a friend

A sewing space with fabric neatly folded and ready to cut

More in the stairwell

The three of us set off for Sisters today pausing at Gayle's house to check out her amazing work and sewing spaces. I use the plural advisedly and there was a lot of organisation and ingenious storage solutions involved. I was overwhelmed! We visited Quilters' Attic in Terrebonne and Material Girl in Redmond where I forgot to take the usual exterior picture. We got settled in our lovely house and went supermarket shopping at Rays which was festooned with quilts. Eating out at the Three Creeks we admired another lovely quilt on the wall.
Magnificent bargello quilt on display at The Quilters'Attic

Sisters Show quilt on display at he restaurant; it
was a mystery quilt set by Valori Wells and
using her fabric



Julie Fukuda said...

Oooohhhh Green with envy!
Sounds like such a good trip. I was able to go to the Sisters show a few years ago and just loved it.

JoZart Quilts said...

I'm enjoying it all! thanks for the trip.