Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Completed bag


I have been using the braids from the weekend workshop to make  a Japanese twist bag. I stabilised my braids by marking a sewing line for the joining strips, sewing them and then stabilising with lightweight iron on vilene and trimming.
The lining was inserted into the outer bag wrong sides together and the top edge bound. Next time I will leave a gap in the lining bag and place the outer bag inside it right sides together, sew round the top, turn out through the gap and topstitch.

1.Prepped Braid strips with joining strips on one side laid out
ready to sew

2.When joining I leave 1/4" unsewn at the opening.

3. I pressed the seams all in the same direction; the scissors
lie under the unsewn 1/4"

4. The strips turned up and pinned ready to join. The unsewn
1/4" next the yellow pin makes this easier.

5. Once the sides are joined this is what the base looks like.

6. Bag inside out

7. Now the lining strips are joined in the same way.

Pocket and straps ready to go.

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Julie Fukuda said...

It looks so easy when someone else does it, I like the results.