Thursday, 16 April 2015

Split Pinwheel block

2. Playing with the sections
At our sewing day yesterday someone asked me about the split pinwheel block and I have seen this demonstrated by various people including Heather Hasthorpe but these pictures were taken when Yvette demonstrated it to us on the February retreat. I'm afraid I didn't write down numbers but looking at this I think your unfinished pinwheel block needs to be divisible by three which will need a bit of forethought as you won't be working to the finished size plus 1/2 inch but making four pinwheels and allowing for the seams created when you sew them together. Thank you, Yvette, for sharing this.
The photos upload themselves into an order beyond my control so I've numbered the steps.
I think the person who set this off globally was the wonderful lady at The Missouri Star Quilt Company  Check out her demonstrations on YouTube.
3. The final arrangement

1. The pinwheel block cut into thirds vertically and horizontally

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