Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Isla, rightly pleased with herself, with cushion.

I don't think I have ever left such a long gap between posts - bad blogger! I've been on holiday in Madeira and caught up in various family events notably my son buying his first home so we have been helping set that up and then having got into cleaning mode in his flat I started on a long delayed (a year or two)  Spring clean  here. A pleasant part of family meet ups  was having my granddaughter over for a stay over Easter. We got out the Young Quilter cuttings from a magazine and in no time she plumped on making a scrappy split nine patch cushion. I was very pleased she showed quite a bit of perseverance to finish it before going home to show it to my daughter. We met up again the following week to take Isla out to the Horniman Museum while my daughter, an ace decorator helped Stephen to paint his flat. It was a lovely day but misty in the distance and we walked round the gardens where I was surprised to find the Shard, St Pauls and the city buildings making a ghostly appearance on the skyline. I'll be back soon!
City skyline

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