Thursday, 23 October 2014

Still with the U3A

Wreath shapes applied to wrong side of fabric,
paper side UP, sticky side DOWN.

Betty's pinwheel cut out.

Betty's pinwheels
We are on Week Two of making heart wreath runners based largely on a Jeanne Gentry project published in British Patchwork & Quilting. The members completed pinwheel blocks last week and traced the  heart wreaths (which I redrafted just to check how they worked) onto fusible web at home. Now we cut out the tracings roughly and applied the sticky side to the wrong side of the wreath fabric. We protected the ironing boards with a cloth and the irons with greaseproof paper. Then a teabreak to allow the fused units to cool; these again we cut out roughly and then exactly on the drawn lines, We took especial care with the central star as the cut out piece could also be used to decorate.

Doreen's wreath and discarded paper backing; note
the St John Star in the centre achieved by
placing the outer star points on the pinwheel lines.

Denise's, I think, all done and dusted
and a different star in centre as the inner
star points were placed on the
diagonal seam lines.

Maureen's wreaths ready to apply and the cut out stars can also
be used.

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