Saturday, 25 October 2014

Retreat still

Red Riding Hood block

Top done


Still more from last week's retreat. After completing the little people top minus border I opened up a kit I bought from Quilters' Haven a couple of years ago featuring Aneela Hoey fabrics, rather Scandinavian looking. The mindless sewing I'd hoped for didn't come my way as matching the two way directional pale grey print frames (more or less) proved tricky and there were a few miscuts and wails too but I learnt a lot so it wasn't mindless. I learnt about cutting slanted frames, that a 30 degree angle was involved and just how I needed to consider the direction of stripes when cutting. I needed to align them horizontally for one pair and vertically for the  other. I worked it out only to realise the pattern diagrams showed it if only I'd looked carefully. The blocks finish at 8" so this is a good sized child's quilt. Isla might want it.

Yvette with her completedred and white top

Mandy's huge piece; thank goodness she has a longarm


Suzy's leaf blocks

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