Monday, 17 February 2014

U3A Block 5b: the Square in a square unit

Block 5b

For this block I wanted to fussy cut the centre picture so it would be the right way up. I drew out a 6" square and drafted the square in a square shape. I measured it and it came to 4.25" inches to which I added 1/2 " seam allowance and cut a 4.75" square plastc see through template. I placed this on the fabric taking care to centre the picture and drew round the template with pencil and cut it out.
Instead of cutting two 3 7/8 squares for the HST's I added some leeway and cut 4" ones instead and then cut these in half. I added triangles to opposite sides of the square in a square taking care with the bias edges, then repeated. Once pressed I trimmed the unit to 6.5" (to finish at 6"). I made sure the 3.25" line passed through the centre points.
Drafting the square in a square

Placing the plastic template over the picture. This is called
"fussy cutting"

Adding the triangles to opposite sides.

Trimming to 6.5" square

Finished unit

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