Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Before I knew you.

I often think that people must have watched second world war documentaries and cried "That's me!" In a way today this happened; my husband was watching yet another WW2 documentary when his father briefly materialised on screen in the uniform of a MP corporal. The film was made in 1944 and the details correspond with my father-in-law's service record. He had been a career soldier for 19 years and it was not long after leaving the army he was called up again to be part of the BEF. Wounded, He was taken off the beach at Dunkirk and met my mother in law who nursed him in hospital. My husband was born in 1943, an only child. Seeing my father in law here is strangely moving.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I love this.

BobbyC said...

How wonderful! My father was in the First World War and I often wonder if he is in any of the films recently shown on TV. I would love to go to Kew but age and distance are conspiring against me! So many records were lost Ina fire that researching his service history is proving difficult. Love your blog BT the way and read it regularly. Super photos too!