Friday, 15 November 2013

Block 2b for U3A patchworkers

7.  An attempt to show the pressing.

8. Sew into pairs..
5. If liked 2.5 inch squares with a diagonal line drawn across
can be added to the SAME corner of each square.
6. Sew along the line and press two towards the corners.
The underneath press two seams towards the square.
4. Arrange the squares to form a sort of cross or
windmill. You can sew the squares together
at this point to make a 12.5 inch unfinished
Here is a version of Block 2b, I'm a bit cross with myself as I intended to place the corner squares on the grey fabric, not the yellow. The squares are optional and one of mine is not well sewn; it is fine to make a block without the centre pieces as this would be a traditional rail fence.
The pictures have a mind of their own but I have numbered them to indicate the order of sewing and cutting.

9. Completed block
1. Take three 2.5 inch wide strips and slong along the long edge.
Start the second seam from the opposite end to the first.

2. Straighten right hand end of your strip set.
3. Turn the board round and cut a 6.5 inch square measured from the left hand edge

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