Friday, 15 November 2013

Block 1b for U3A patchworkers

Here are the block pieces laid out. The side pieces have been strip pieced from two contrasting
2 inch strips and the sewn unit measures 6.5 by 3.5" unfinished.
The centre square-in-a-square has been cut using a template which you need to draft by drawing a 6 inch
 square then marking the centre of each side and joining the dots. This is stuck onto card
and then a quarter inch added using your quilters' wheel..
The half square triangles  are drafted by drawing a 3 inch square and then drawing one diagonal line from
 corner to corner. Cut one out roughly and as before stick onto card and cut out
accurately on the line and then make a second template with seam allowances using a quilters' wheel.
Add triangles to opposite sides of your square-in-a-square, press and then
 add to the remaining two triangles and press. This sewn unit should measure 6.5 inches
 Sew pairs of contrasting triangles together to make the corner squares which should measure 3.5"

A completed block which should measure 12.5 inches but
don't worry if it doesn't as we can compensate for this later.

Sew the units together in rows and press towards the oblong units.

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