Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Three Usual Suspects

Paella ready to serve

The 22nd has proved notable for a meeting of three Usual Suspects and the arrival of a certain baby boy. I hope Kate is now fast asleep. Valerie was hand sewing and I took along the two quilts from yesterday but talked more than stitched. Judi has been very busy. I'll show a couple but I'm not quite sure if all are for public viewing or not. And people ask me if I ever do anything else but sew. Well this morning I cleaned ny house apart from the sewing room before setting off and I did the sewing room when I got home and made paella for tea and took a photo to prove it. Tomorrow I'm off to see a friend whose passion is knitting so I'm looking forward to see what she does. I'm also taking my machine in for service which will be a wrench.

Modern baby four patch

Shirtings strippy

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