Wednesday, 21 November 2012


It's great to be back - my blog has been closed to me for a day or two, no idea why. Only the pictures showed and the same for blogs I follow. I have been very busy and still have to take more photos. I am off on a quilting retreat next week so have been mopping up smaller projects which were nearly done but not quite. In turn these are using up fabrics from larger items as I am trying to cut down on the plethora of scraps.
Stack and whack squares with binding attached

Leftovers, now quilted

Leftovers showing soft brushed cotton back.

The to do pile

1995 sampler sandwiched and backed with super flowery viyella (50/50 wool/cotton) ready to hand quilt during the winter months


vivinfrance said...

I came to see if I could help with the blogging problems, but it looks as though it's solved itself. Blogger is a notorious temperamental host, and commenting can be a nightmare, specially the catchpa code. Do you really need it? It takes for ever to comment, as my old eyes can never make out all the elements. I don't use it, and get very little spam, easily disposed of.

Julie Fukuda said...

I think Google just likes to play with our patience from time to time. It looks like a lot got done while you were not posting. Lovely!