Friday, 23 December 2011


"Spinners" 36 inches square

The back

My next "finish" is a workshop project which I have made 36" square suitable for a prison baby. We drafted the design and used card templates to measure the cut pieces. Often I'm a defender of templates but this day put me off them! I certainly think this design lends itself to foundation piecing. Anyway the quilt would not impress the Quilt Police but it is nice and puffy and the shot cotton on the back has a soft feel and the quilting on the back is effective though I only followed the design lines. So a result.
I attached the binding to yet another project and content I had enough handsewing to see me through a couple of nights of TV viewing I rearranged my sewing room moving the cabinet next to the wall to stop my quilting falling off. I am very pleased. I must just take care not to eat so much over this Christmas season that I can't get through the narrow access gap. I'm aware I have one piece of furniture too many in my sewing room but each drawer has its contents, quick to locate.
The arrangement of all the other rooms in the house is firmly fixed but the sewing room is in a state of intermittent flux. Each I think 'this is it' only to swap round again some months later.

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Julie Fukuda said...

OK! Now I am feeling a bit of shame. While you are turning out finishes, I have made perhaps four tiny blocks. Maybe if the dog had not eaten my quilting template....(true) I drafted a new one but I don't like it as well.