Monday, 12 September 2011

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I'm just back from France where we had a lovely time staying with friends in Fecamp, Normandy, and, mainly, in a super gite in Chinon, part of which was built into the cliff though the main rooms were were in a large old stone building. We were very comfortable and we enjoyed the picturesque surroundings. We could walk into Chinon along a terrace which was once home to troglodyte dwellers.
The new house on site was occupied by our hosts but their car was kept in a cave behind their house and of course they had just the right place to store wine! Our building is on the right of the picture. The dormer window on the right was our bedroom

The quilt on the sofa is one I was binding.

We slept here

Downstairs troglodyte loo.

Yes, I did some sewing while there - sewing down the binding of the U3A quilt  and quilting the Portland quilt though finishing neither. In odd moments and on the long motorway drives I sewed more bluework squares. Unfortunately I washed the sun square before realising I hadn't yet sewn the frame so I'll have to remark it.

I started off repeating the shell designs done earlier but after three felt like a change so sourced more from Internet clipart all on a sea theme more or less and I'm using single strand hand dyed Oliver Twist thread from the hank, more manageable than embroidery floss but I cannot use different thicknesses.
Oliver Twists
More photos here:

France 2011

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Julie Fukuda said...

Delightful trip! Thanks for putting us in your pocket.