Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bargello Bag
At the Oast "Corners" meeting Wendy demonstrated Bargello. I thought this would be just the thing for Alan's antimacassar only to find I didn't like it but no worries I made a bag with stiff vilene/interfacing in lieu of wadding. I've covered the seams and added a zippered pocket to the inside so hope this will raise some funds at our show. The bag I'm making  now has been driving me mad. The pattern is from a magazine and  must have been developed by an interfacing manufacturer as it has you cutting out separate pieces of interfacng for all the pieced patchwork of the bag but why not join the pieces then back with a single piece of iron on vilene or pellon I'll never know. It is taking shape at last but the result won't justify the effort. I've only persisted because I've been using some of my precious Amy Butler scraps. Pictures anon.
Meanwhile it was quilt washing day today as the grandchildren's albeit very lovely dog took a shine to these when she came to visit this last weekend. Again pictures of the fronts later. This was the first time things have almost dried outside this year, a sign of Spring on the way. I could hear the birds all busily signing up for dating agencies and looking in estate agents' windows when I was in the garden. I hope all those folks who use the electric drier as the default setting for drying laundry consider the outdoor option when the weather is right, a way to make the planet last a bit longer for us humans.

Out to dry, note QAYG revealed on back.

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Julie Fukuda said...

I love the combination of fabrics on that bag. Now I understand about the grandchildren, they even come with a dog. Our dog has rules. (sofas and beds are for people only!) As for washing quilts, we have no dryer but the wash is hung over poles rather than clotheslines. It is perfect for drying quilts and other large items and if using clips at all, it is just to keep them from taking off in a strong wind.