Friday, 25 February 2011

Bagging it

Latest bag

Magazine pattern
 The bag pattern in the magazine looked promising so I started to collect my fabrics and delve into my aged stock of iron-on interfacing and spend what seem to be an interminable time cutting odd shaped pieces. First off I felt my large blue floral should feature at the side of the bag rather than hide underneath so I replaced the top two patches with one check and reversed the placement. The main problem though was I hadn't quite taken on board how wide the base was - 8" plus and likewise the sides so the bag is more of a cube.
However I have learnt a lot - using a magnetic clasp, placing the lining inside the bag right sides together with the front and topstitching and curving the base of the side panels. I'll use these ideas again but with different dimensions and piece and then add interfacing etc.

In the afternoon the Bonny Quilters Farmers' Wives met (one on holiday) and drew more templates and Trish and I showed our blocks (Mavis is just  back from her travels so will catch up later).

My blocks

Trish's blocks

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