Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The view from here

This was the view from my house when I got up this morning and it's still snowing but I am warmly tucked up inside catching up with various jobs. My quilt group tomorrow evening is cancelled as we English tend to retreat in the face of snow.

And the view from here:
What I think of as my Advent quilt has just gone on the bed. Unusually for me it uses coordinating fabrics and has that Moda look comfortable but definitely no leap of the heart. I am however quite fond of it because of it's wool/cotton wadding purchased in Australia, the wonderful viyella backing bought in a sale, handquilting to look at and feel under my hand and the way I persuaded the diagonal border stripes to meet up at both ends of each side.

I've handquilted
along each stripe!

Lovely warm backing fabric

Hand quilting

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Julie Fukuda said...

That quilt is quite a treasure.I have never tried wool batting. I don't think it is sold in Japan.
Certainly everything in Tokyo grinds to a halt in snow, but then, our snow is usually very wet and sloppy.