Monday, 14 September 2009

more Portland Quilt Shops

Just a few blocks up the road I tracked down Bolt "the neighborhood Fabric Boutique", an exquisite shop with not a large selection of fabric but a very carefully chosen collection - Amy Butler, Westminsters - you get the picture. There were also Finnish Marimekko designs and other unusual fabrics. The patterns were lovely with garment and children's styles as well as the usual bags and aprons. I bought splashy lilac, turquoise and yellow prints to make a strip pieced hexagon quilt I've had in mind for some time but I want to use these lighter more modern fabrics rather than my rather grungy stash I attach photos of Bolt and my purchases but also want to mention another destination - Josephine's Dry Goods in downtown Portland on the corner of 11th and Washington, not far from Powells. Again Amy Butlers and similar types as well as silks, fine wools etc. The emphasis was on dressmaking and I wished I was living in Portland so I could attend some of their garment making classes.

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