Thursday, 26 February 2009


I realise that I have been posting about things seen in Mexico and the doings of my quilt buddies AND I went to yet another of my groups last night, Quay Quilters, Faversham where I took yet more photos but will delay these in order to show I haven't been idle since I got back from my hols.
While away we learnt Alan's NZ cousin faces a long spell of medical treatment. I'd already got fabrics and fixed on a pattern for a 50th birthday quilt for her(Oct 08!) and when I got back felt this was my first priority. She lives in New Zealand and when staying with her I got some local fabrics which she exclaimed over and back in UK I got more from Kiwiana on the net, same price but less postage.
I used a Maple Islands quilt pattern but my own sizing based on units of 1.75 inches so my squares are cut 2.25 and oblongs 5.75 by 7.5 inches. It was quite complicated to plan especially as I wanted to dot red and orange squares amongst the yellow which is where four blocks overlap. For each feature fabric I cut the oblong and four squares. Three squares went in the quilt and fourth was cut in half and used to construct a miniature fabric placement guide.

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