Friday, 27 February 2009

Quay Quilters meeting

I attended my first Quay Quilters' meeting in Faversham since I got back from Mexico. The last meeting had been cancelled because of snow and then the place where we meet had been shut for half term so it was quite a busy evening. Ann demonstrated Sharon Schamber's method of quilt basting which involves sitting at a table and working on small sections at a time. If you google it you might find a video demo on the web. She also showed a bag she had made. New member, Helen, had made a little bag with folded "flowers", Vanessa had made a lovely quilt in soft colours for her sister and a smaller one from the offcuts. Pauline's son had made a large Mars bars but my photo is too dark.

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Janovi said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos. So envious of your sewing getaway!! LOL