Friday, 2 January 2009

Sewing again: BOD 4 & doing a runner!

Today it was taking up the reins again. In the afternoon it was the log cabin quilters. Our latest project is a double sided log cabin table runner; squares and triangles on alternate sides are covered by strips stitched and flipped to form the quilting. The sandwich filling is medium weight vilene which gives a very nice texture to the finished piece. Friend Marion taught me this technique and pattern and this will be my third version.
I've drawn my pattern shapes on both sides of the vilene cut to fit my bedside chest. I placed a square on point in the centre and on the other side stitched and flipped strips. Before doing the next step I sewed round the outside of the square which made a guideline on both sides. I trimmed the strips.
Fran made a cushion but just stitching and flipping on one side.

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