Friday, 9 January 2009

Chaos in my sewing room

I've had a very annoying chest of drawers in my sewing room. I liked the fact there were seven drawers so it was easy to allot different items and see them all but the runners had worn and the drawers were collapsed on each other. Finally I've got round to buying a replacement and today was delivery day. The new set has six drawers but they are bigger and glide in and out like a dream and the whole thing is on castors so easier to shunt round my sewing room, the only room in the house I constantly reorganise. To prepare I emptied the drawer contents out on the bed and emptied the wardrobe and some protruding items on bookshelves in order to clear a pathway for the new chest. I came across things I'd forgotton, others I'd lost and some I can't remember having at all! More for the to do list. The overflow was piled on the low cupboards in our spare bedroom. So tomorrow is putting it back together day.

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