Thursday, 8 January 2009

Been shopping!

On the way to collect my husband's car from repair I just happened to pop into a local sewing shop mainly to buy threads to quilt with. The shop is very limited for space and they were having a sale to make way for new stuff so . . I bought 6 and 5 metres each of some coffee and aqua or blue fabrics to combine with some brown and aqua blocks from a recent swap and for backings. They were only £2 metre and good quality. Then for £5 metre I bought some red and pale gold fabric to back the quilt I've just bordered. I was going to use fine calico (muslin) but this adds a whole new dimension. It's now tacked together, over a table as crawling over the floor is not an option and I think this crumples the quilt anyway. I plan to hand quilt it. Oh and I also got some pretty multi-coloured print for children's or charity quilts.

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call me crazy said...

I like your quilt! I don't crawl on the floor either. That gold/tan/red fabric really caught my eye~ very nice! :-)
Happy Stitchin'!