Friday, 3 October 2008


A classmate at Quay Quilters was using this floral background fabric for her sampler quilt back in the mid nineties. I wanted some too and hot footed it to a local shop to buy some. She dropped out of the group shortly after but I used my fabric to embark on a honey bee qult inspired by one in the American Museum in Bath where the Honey Bee blocks were alternated with plain alternate blocks with swags in the border. I sewed my honey bees in course of some worldwide travels and then decided they needed some flowers so filled the alternate blocks with applique planned so the quilt could be used anyway up. Time dragged on but this week I have sewed the blocks together and used the remaining fabric to add a border. I was going to add yet more applique on the border but this project has gone on long enough and the background fabric now appears drab (serve me right for my initial envy) so I shall save my rare applique efforts for a brighter project.


Janovi said...

Your honey bee quilt is so beautiful!!! Do you mind sharing the pattern with me?? I would love to make one like that!!! So many ideas so little time!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Janovi -- your honey bee quilt is absolutely breath-taking!!!!! Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.