Saturday, 4 October 2008

Splitting the ninepatch: further examples

Today I went to a group show in Aldington Village Hall and was pleased to see this purple quilt made by Jean P. who was in one of the Split ninepatch charity quilt workshops. Alongside I've uploaded another one in black and white made by Jean C. seen at another local group show. I don't know the maker of the B/W one but believe one of the worhshop attendees showed her the technique. It's pleasing to see them made in adult fabric choices.
I know Jean P.won't mind me showing her quilt here but if Jean C. should object I'll delete the image.
For information about this technique see my posts from September 30th 2009 onwards. My source was Nancy Brenan Daniel's Slice 'em Dice'em book which gives masses of different techniques besides this one. I changed the sizes and one or two instructions for mine.

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