Saturday, 19 July 2008

Changing over the quilts

This is a favourite quilt, heavily hand quilted made following a pattern by Mary Hickey in Quick & Easy Quiltmaking ISBN 0875965768. It's essentially 54-40 or Fight blocks with one colourway with half square triangles in the corners and the other colourway with four patches in the corners. This creates the optical illusion of curves. It's on my bed for the month of July.
It's interesting that the quilt shop quality dark triangle in the corners has faded while the Jo-Ann's $2.99 floral border fabric remains relatively pristine . . .


cher said...

that is interesting to have that happen to fabric-what you consider "good" fabric not holding up against "cheaper" fabric. Not all Jo-Ann's fabric is 2nd rate that's for sure.
love this quilt-it is gorgeous

Helen in the UK said...

Very pretty quilt :)