Monday, 21 July 2008

Carnival Ride 01: inspiration & quilt

I belong to a group, Quay Quilters in Faversham, where members present a block or technique one evening meeting a year. Originally it would always be a quilt block but as the quilting world has moved on many of us have done a demonstration or little talk. This year I thought I would go back to basics, especially as we have some new quilters with us this year, and do a session on drafting. We used to sell Quay Quilters' tea towels at our shows and in 2000 I decided to do a quilt based on this, drafting and making the blocks. Some looked quite tricky but on examination proved much more straightforward; one of these was Carnival Ride. Here I show the tea towel (or pot cloth as we called it in my native Lancashire), the depiction of the block and the quilt I made which remains very special as this group has been very special to me. It is not a traditional design; Judy Martin is the designer.

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