Friday, 6 June 2008


I really am going great guns at the moment finishing up small projects which is very satisfying. 2006-7 I made masses of Mary's Triangles for a quilt and ended up with enough for three bed quilts, a lap quilt and a few leftover scraps which ended up in this 25 inch square piece. This is a more or less the designated size for a prison baby quilt. As the fabrics are not particularly babylike I put a pretty pastel floral on the back so the mother can turn it over if preferred. I machine quilted it in straight lines with a walking foot and turned the backing over for a binding. My husband liked this one. Later I'll get round to posting the other Mary's triangles quilts.


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Helen in the UK said...

I think this will make a great baby quilt and the blue/green are perfect for a boy :)