Thursday, 5 June 2008


I completed this, a workshop project. I'm trying to work my way through this sort of thing. It's from a workshop I did with Billie Lauder in Houston last year. Everyone else had a neutral background! Someone at our group quilt show may buy it for a young relation called Pansy; otherwise it will go to be a wallhanging for prison babies. these are needed so the little ones get some visual stimulation in their drab environment.
I machine quilted it. It looked horrible while I was doing it but better from a distance once complete. I turned over the back and serpentine stitched to finish.
They say freehand quilting needs practice, in my case practice, practice, practice and practice! I am making myself try on less important items. Next time I'll try music. I drove home to tango music yesterday and it certainly affected my car driving so will see if it will loosen up my quilting muscles.
Other settings of the blocks can be seen on my blog for 25th February this year.

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