Thursday, 19 June 2008

Label Enabled!

I have finished the quilt I had intended for Julia who sadly died before it was completed and last night at Quayquilters quilt group I added the label, and for two others. This setting is seen quite often now. my source was a quilt on the regional stand at last years FOQ which used novelty fabrics. I whipped out my tape measure: the oblongs were 5" by 3" bordered either horizontally or vertically by 1" strips to form a 5" (finished) square.
I have just seen another on Helen of the Bailey's webshots site, 2007 album, which uses strips in the centre. I am just sewing strips togetherwondering how to use them and this provided a solution. I hope this is the link:

I have stacked all my files away and yesterday afternoon cut out all the pieces for a quilt in one fell swoop, borders and all!
I am now sewing and it should go together very quickly.

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Helen in the UK said...

This quilt is lovely - such a shame Julia never got a chance to see it.
Thanks for mentioning my webshots album - the address is missing 36 at the end. Should be:
Have fun :)