Sunday, 18 May 2008

Malvern purchases

I kept to my list as I am trying to bust stash not add to it but quilt backs were on my list and I picked up some real bargains - going on the first day must be a good idea. Not on my list was a tilt table for my machine but I am having arm and shoulder problems so anything to help. I was also much impressed by a Horn table which had a well for the machine, a huge surface and cutting mat and a lift and lower mechanism. All this and a set of drawers for £2200. I thought about saving up but on second thought realise I am much better off with one of the more flexible foldaway cabinets combined with a separate raise-and-lower [smaller] table given that I also need storage space room in my sewng room and lodge overflow guests there too sometimes.
Here are photos of quilt backs, novelties, Oakshott plains and wonderful blue and white batiks from textile techniques to add to my S.E. Asia collection.

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