Sunday, 18 May 2008

Helping Hands Day

I went to a day organised by Terence Gilbert in Walmer. He organises charity quilting days. These have been taking place for a long time but this was my first one. We were organised into teams, each making one quilt. In our team some sewed, some pinned and some ironed. We all had plenty to do. Terence had cut out all the fabrics and backing; wadding and binding was also provided. We were joining isoceles triangles which have two equal sides and one shorter side - this was to make sure the pieces were set straight of grain. The idea was to make larger triangles comprised of either 5 dark or 5 light triangles but we mixed ours up. Unfortunately I don't have phots of the others as I forgot my camera. We paid £3.50 to cover our lunch - Terence provided delicious homemade soup and lovely cake in the afternoon and the raffle covered the hall costs. It is a good way to spend the day in company, learn a new technique and do something for others too.

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