Thursday, 27 February 2020

Modern Traditionalism

As someone rooted in the tradition  this section obviously appeals to me and there are quite a few photos. Noticeable here as in other sections is the ubiquity of the log cabin pattern very much alive and well and metamorphosing into fresh forms.
Fade to Gray by
Daniela O'Connell


Tara Faughnan: Galactic Quilt

Isabel Munoz: Can You Get Inside?

Blair C. Stocker: Starflake

Quilt No. 24: Prairie by Shelby Skumanich

Malka Dubrowsky: Next Teardrop

Lorena Uriarte: potted Gums on Mount Agony Road

Slightly Arabic feel . . .

. . . achieved by hourglass centre
Alex O Hoffman: Cabin Fade Quilt

Acid Lime Kisses by Amanda Hancock

L Cabin by Linda Hungerford

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Julie Fukuda said...

At the meeting with friends at our local show, we pick a challenge for the next year ... and just after we decided it would be "logcabin", I began to see how many creative ways that block was used in so many quilts.