Thursday, 7 November 2019

U3A Mystery Quilt

This term we are starting a new mystery quilt. It will finish at 42.5" by 60" before adding any borders. No quantities are given for border fabric which can be decided later.
You need 4 or 5 fabrics, a background and three contrasts.
Here are mine:

WOF Quantities are: (I have been generous)
You need 1.10m. of background which will be cut into triangles and squares. However you can have two different fabrics if you prefer in which case you need 90 cms for the triangles and 40 cms for the squares.
Background triangles and squares - can be the same or different
You  need 90 cms of Fabric 1 which will be cut into squares and strips.You  need 35 cms of Fabrics 2 and 3.

(For a smaller 32.5 x 45 quilt the WOF quanties are 70cms background and Fabric 1 and 25 cms of Fabrics 2 and 3)

If you want to check whether you have enough fabric these are the units you need to cut from each fabric so you can make your own more economical calculations if you prefer.
From the background:
Two 18.5" squares cut twice diagonally to yield six QSTs. Note you only need half of the second square. 
Two 14.5" squares cut once diagonally to yield four HSTs.
Eight 6.5" squares
I show a cutting plan below:
Background cutting layout
From Fabric 1
Four 2.5" WOF strips
Seventeen 6.5" squares - you should get 6 per WOF 6.5" strip
Fabric 1 cut pieces
From both Fabrics 2 & 3 
Four 2.5" WOF strips
Fabrics 2 & 3 strips
(For the smaller size the background triangle squares are 14.5"and 11", unfinished + seams squares 5" and strips 2")

Once you have completed cutting prepare an aide memoire to help you keep on track as you follow the clues.
Aide Memoire

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