Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Retreat Projects 03

Detail of dog on Maggie's top
Main Crabshack pieces
laid out

Spaces filled in

Starting to assemble sections

I have a tall thin shelved wardrobe full of UFO's. I am trying to take items out for completion while not putting anything in. Two things came with me here and first to work on was a Sweetwater "Crab Shack" kit. The bondaweb applique presented me with a problem as blanket stitching around the black pieces caused the fabric to fray. Looking at how Maggie had done her dogs solved my problem and I borrowed her idea of raw edge stitching just inside the the shape followed by outlining it.
Becky's Nine Patch car quilt on my bed

I always take a quilt to put on my bed. Limited for space this time I used my car quilt a long time favourite made from shirting and plaid fabrics. Heather too is making ST quilts as a member of Bee 2 (I'm in Bee 3). Debbie made a chip bag, just the right size to take to shows.
Heather's  collection of ST blocks


Debbie's "chip" bag

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