Thursday, 24 October 2019

2019 Stars

2019 Stars
 I made the raffle quilt for the next Quilters' Guild Region 2 Show but there were extra blocks. Now on a mission to round off projects use up remaining fabric I made a second quilt from the spare blocks. As white backgrounds are not to my taste it will go on the sales table at our neighourhood Arts and Crafts Show. Now I just have lots of  1.5" half square triangles as leader enders. . .
The raffle quilt is called 2020 Stars because that's when the Show takes place. So this one is 2019 Stars walking foot quilted by myself. I think the quilting is just right and compliments the piecing though I accept it is functional rather than decorative. There is a piecing error which I didn't notice until it was on my bed at Broadstairs but I just smile!
(I had this in draft form and only found it after yesterday's post but here  it is anyway.)

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Julie Fukuda said...

The white background shows off all those colors nicely. A fine finish as is.