Saturday, 24 August 2019


PP Forum Friends: Our rotund Romany Wife
A reworking of Jen Kingwell's "Gypsy Wife" using curves.

Claire Tinsley: Forever flowers

Teresa Summerfield: Mad Cow
Love the expressiveness of this; so successful

Moira Neal: Baatik Beauties
As in the title Moira's quilt have lots of funny details,

Snack Baa - get it?

Pascale Micalski:
Exquisite Corpse No.1
Pascale gave a talk at
the QG Region 2
Open Day. 
my post for May 24th this year.

More from Moira
I'm afraid I don't 
know who made
this very graphic quilt

Elinor Beaven: Blue Arches 2 I like the
oblongness of this as well as the subtle colours

Pauline Cullimore: Ceska and the pomegranates

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