Sunday, 18 August 2019

FOQ 5 and one or two more from the Modern Section

Marina Kontsevaya: Hashtag quilt
This won third in this section and was my personal favourite.
I liked the large scale graphic design, the choice of fabric
and the dense quilting worked here to create a
pleasing texture.


Kim Moran-Jones: Friends and Lovers
At first glance this looks very traditional and I like
the tactic of applying the hexagons rather than piecing them.
The contrast between florals and the improvised denim
background brings it into the modern/contemporary genre though and hand stitching is a feature of many modern quilts. There's even a whole section for handwork  at QuiltCon.
The title refers to the original owners of the jeans used!

Nicholas Ball: Triangle Study 3
Super quilt. I think it was second in the modern section.
This could equally be contemporary but many makers
like to associate themselves with the modern zeitgeist.

Mary Mayne: My day is complete
I always check out Mary Mayne's quilts. She can turn her hand to anything. Text is a big thing for modern quilters though usually more stridently political or feminist not contented as here. The use of negative/positive letters isn't obvious at first.

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