Thursday, 11 July 2019

Retreat activities

I brought a variety of things to do with me this time. Everything took longer than expected but I'm pleased with having moved so many things further along and having brought years old projects to the fore.
First up was a back for the Map quilt top I made here in April. I wanted to use up my leftover fabric and made some more blocks. It still isn't big enough so fellow retreaters brought back some lovely textured black from the shop to add to all four sides.
Back mostly complete

Top done in April

My Westminster strip quilt from a Jane Hall workshop at Houston was supposed to be an evening respite from more concentrated work but once started I couldn't stop not least because of the messy plethora of strips and fabric everywhere. It was done quite thoughtlessly and it shows but at least it's now out of the bag. I will make seven more blocks and possibly border it if I have something suitable in my stash.
Just testing for size

Lastly I am so pleased with Judi's help to have completed the last two blocks of my Roundabout quilt from Karla Alexander's workshop at Sisters which we sewed together. The fabrics were provided as a kit and now the blocks have been trimmed look great together. Just 6 by 7" oblongs to fill the gaps to do.
Block layout

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