Monday, 19 November 2018

Log Cabin Star 05

Patchworkers cut up fabric, sew it together and often cut it and sew yet again as here. Once you have sewn your three diamonds (see here  - posts on 7th November) you are going to cut them up and resew them back together in a different arrangement.
1. Cut each diamond into quarters through the centre segmenting the central diamond. Using two rulers helps wih making an even division.
2.  In two quarters the centre diamond will have an obtuse angle on the outer edge and in two an acute, sharp angle.
3. Arrange with the six sharp angles meeting in the centre and the six others in the spaces created on the outer edge.
Three diamonds

Each diamond is quartered through the sides.

The top two have acute angles the bottom two, obtuse.

Rearrange as shown

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