Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Gillian Travis Workshop

Gillian Travis came to speak at Oast. We were all amazed by the adventurous travelling she has done  and the creativity of her output. Sadly on the eve of her two workshops she was called away for a serious family event but she left samples, kits and worksheets behind.  Judi Kirk who was familar with her fusible reversible applique technique stood in and  gave an excellent demonstration and the people on my day produced some excellent work. I had always intended to view it as a technique not a project day (I don't make wall hangings) so having made full notes during Judi's presentation and collected Gillian's materials I proceeded to have a UFO day or rather work on my current Bonnies stint of sewing strip sets, cutting them into QST's  and making octagon wheels.



One of my monster blocks

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Julie Fukuda said...

Love your block and choice of fabrics.