Monday, 21 May 2018

Quilters' Guild Area Day

This looks Welsh

Pretty sure this is Welsh

Durham strippy

Wonderful Elisabeth Sanderson star: the centre pink star is one piece of fabric. Not one
for a beginner. North Country.

I really enjoyed the Area Day in Sevenoaks with a talk by Pippa Moss and little hand sewing project to follow with Lesley White who provided us with a very generous kit to introduce us to crazy  patchwork.
Pippa's quilt

Made using the Ruth McDowall technique and pattern

Pippa specialises in Hawaian quilts

Pippa showed her collection of Welsh and North Country wholecloth quilts as well as some of her own stunning work.
Lesley's sample

Hever raffle quilt made using a technique
I am interested in but I don't think this makes
full use of it. I would have put these on point
as baskets.

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