Monday, 23 April 2018

Baltic Jaunt

The Millennium footbridge framing the solid bulk of the Baltic
On Sunday we went along the quayside and crossed the Millennium Bridge to the Baltic Flour Mills, now  modern art gallery spaces. I resolved to find something related to my quilt making on each floor. Apologies to the artists but I find installation art quite hard to appreciate. Sofia Stevi's show did comprise paintings, and I liked the colour combinations. I have lots of photos of paintings taken with the intention of using the colours as a springboard for fabric choices but never followed through. 
By Sofia Stevi painted onto cotton fabric!

Patchwork curtains in one of the rooms of  Jasmina  Cibics's "This machine builds nations" installations.

Tumbling blocks on one of Serena Korda's "Missing Time"
installation ceramics. The dish relates to those dishes
designed to catch far off sound whether of approaching
enemy aircraft or  the music of the spheres.
The view looking down from the Baltic

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