Sunday, 4 March 2018

QUILT CON: Applique

The categories seem to be design or technique based. Here are quilts from the applique section and I've included the winners because I like them.
Diane Vandeyar: Tropical Delirium
A free form version of Hawaiian patchwork with wayward quilting.

Laura Hartrich: Train track pennies
References the pennies squashed on the railway behind her childhood house,.
 Made from her grandmother's clothes and the shorthand symbols list some
of  her grandmother's qualities. A memory quilt with layers of meaning.

Detail. I used to squash our larger pennies on the railway line. I can remember the train driver shaking his fist,
(understandably in retrospect).
Detail: how lovely

Virginia Robinson: Fauchet
Quilter: Suzen deSerres
Based on her great aunt Lizzie's crocheted Afghan squares.
3rd prizewinner

Karen Maple: Black, Brown and White in Orange
A comment on the US prison system which incarcerates a much larger proportion of the
population than European countries and a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics.
She asked how you would spend your days with little to do dressed in orange.
This won second prize and made its point subtlely in a pleasing quilt.

Natalie Skinner: Quarter Turn
Needleturn applique using Carolyn Friedlander fabrics and machine quilted
with a 1" grid 

Debbie Grifka: Canterbury #2
Inspired by a picture of a corridor near the Cathedral cloister. Eliminates colour and focuses
on the  bare bones of the architexture. The judges seemed drawn to such pared down quilts.
First prizewinner.

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