Thursday, 1 March 2018


The view from there and the view from here.

View from the hotel window

Home to snow and the view from my window but California was unseasonably chilly too.

I have tried not to show award winners  as these appear elsewhere but weakened near the close and took pictures of some major prize winners.
This was the raffle quilt and yes I bought tckets and no I didn;t win though I sat by as the winner was drawn feeling hopeful as I had already won the first door prize (a layer cake) in Katie Pederson's class. it went to someone called Julie.

sarah Bond : Ribbon quilt
eQuilter prize for quilting excellence
This would be a surprise to some as the quilting was vertical straight lines but the
 thread colour altered to suit the fabric.
Personally I thought some quilts were compromised by fancy scrolly FMQ.
A simpler approach seemed to work better in most cases.

Sandra Kaye: Happy Dance with 600 crosses. Sandra is new to the Modern Quilting
movement but won the Best Machine Quilting Frameless prize.


Stephane Scardal: Going Up
someone I sat next too wasn't impressed with this choice but sometimes less is more.


On my last wander through the naturally lit room devoted to quilts I came across some bustle and the "Visitors' Choice went to   . " And Anna Maria Horner got in on the picture?
This quilt had a personal message. There were many using words but were what I would call "admonishment quilts" (more later).

Liz with Anna Maria Horner


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Julie Fukuda said...

I think by now I would have inspiration over-kill.
Both your weather and the US East coast are making our news. I can't help being glad it is not here. We have had enough of winter!